Pull-out Cutting Board Replacement: What You Should Know

                If you are like a lot of people, you might not have given much thought to the pull-out cutting board in your kitchen that came with your house when you bought it. You might not even know you have one or maybe you know you have one but are not inclined to use it because it’s pretty beat up or is in disrepair. If you are one of those people, fear not because replacing your pull-out cutting board is easy. But, there are a few things you should know before making the replacement decision.

Pureboo Premium Bamboo Pull-out Cutting Board
              Pull-out cutting boards make a great addition to any kitchen. They are convenient, space efficient, and extremely practical for kitchens of all sizes. Unlike counter top cutting boards, pull-out cutting boards, also known as bread boards or slide out cutting boards, are built into the cabinetry of many kitchens. They generally fit standard sized kitchen cabinets, come in a variety of standard widths and depths, and provide the benefit of having a larger cutting surface than most counter top cutting boards. Best of all, they don’t require storage space since they can easily be tucked away when not in use.
              If your pull-out cutting board is old or has significant knife scarring it probably not only is an eyesore, but it may be a health risk. Knife scarring can create pockets for food particles, moisture, and bacteria. So for the protection of your health and the health of your family, be proactive in replacing your pull-out cutting board periodically before it becomes a health hazard. Most replacement pull-out cutting boards can be purchased at less than the cost of a doctor’s visit.
             When you are ready to replace your pull-out cutting board, you’ll find there are a few material choices. Most of the cutting boards on the market are made of hardwood and a few are made of plastic or similar synthetic material. However, if you are looking for a cutting board that is good for you and good for the environment, you should consider a bamboo pull-out cutting board. Relative to traditional hardwood or plastic cutting boards, bamboo pull-out cutting boards are:

  • Environmentally Friendly- Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and can regenerate to its full mass in 6 months compared to 30-50 years for most hardwoods.
  • Healthier- Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, and therefore, represents a superior alternative when it comes to health and sanitation. Because bamboo is water resistant and is harder, denser, and less porous than traditional woods, it is less prone to knife scarring which can create pockets for food particles, moisture, and bacteria. Study after scientific study has shown that bamboo is a safer and healthier alternative to hardwood or plastic cutting boards.
  • Stronger and More Durable- Because of its hardness and density, bamboo is stronger, more durable, and less susceptible to damage than hardwood cutting boards.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing- Bamboo is a stylish, elegant, and naturally beautiful material which can complement almost any kitchen décor.

           Bamboo pull-out cutting boards might be a little harder to find, but they are worth the effort. The best ones on the market can be found at www.pureboo.com. Pureboo offers a high-performance line of premium cutting boards that are meticulously crafted using architectural-grade, sustainably harvested Moso bamboo and eco-friendly, plant-based, food-grade glue.

Pureboo Premium Bamboo Pull-out Cutting Board
         Whether you are thinking about adding new kitchen cabinets with a pull-out cutting board as a space-saving accessory or if your existing pull-out cutting board is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to consider the merits of a bamboo pull-out cutting board.