Pureboo: The All-Natural Deodorizing and Air Purification Alternative

Unlike most air fresheners and deodorizers that use chemicals to cover up smells, the Pureboo Pouch naturally absorbs unpleasant odors and harmful pollutants. 

Sources of Harmful Pollutants

While it is easy to be aware of unpleasant smells, invisible airborne chemicals and toxins can unknowingly accumulate in our bodies over time and take a toll on our health. We are exposed to chemicals in everyday products such as hairsprays, deodorants, oven cleaners, paints, pesticides, laundry aids, floor and furniture polishes, glue, and air fresheners. Harmful pollutants can also be found in unsuspecting places such as our furniture, carpets, home furnishings, walls, fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, heaters, and clothing.

We are also exposed to harmful biological contaminants, including bacteria, molds, mildew, viruses, animal dander, dust, mites, and pollen. Other indoor toxic pollutants include secondhand smoke, formaldehyde, lead, asbestos, nitrogen dioxide, radon, and carbon monoxide.

How Pureboo Works

Pureboo’s main ingredient is bamboo charcoal which is created by drying and heating bamboo at high temperatures over the course of several weeks. During the process the bamboo charcoal is converted to activated plant carbon which has a highly porous structure and large surface area, making it ideal for absorbing odors, harmful pollutants and excess moisture. The activated carbon is then re-purified and mixed with absorption-enhancing nano minerals to create a unique patented product.

Directions for Use

Place the Pureboo Pouch in your kitchen, bedrooms, basement, baby’s room, office, bathrooms, closets, cars, laundry room, lockers, and pet areas. You can hang the pouch on a hook or just set the pouch on any surface. Unpleasant odors should improve within a few days and be eliminated within a week.

Pureboo Pouches rejuvenate naturally and last up to 18 months. For maximum effectiveness, simply place the pouch in direct sunlight for at least an hour once a month. After 18 months, the contents of the Pureboo Pouch can be recycled into the soil where the bamboo carbon acts as a natural fertilizer.