Premium Bamboo Pull-out Cutting Board

Premium Bamboo Pull-out Cutting Boards

**If your desired width is not listed and is smaller than 21.75" we can trim the board to the dimension you want. To do so add a larger  width board (closest to your desired width) along with the $10 Cutting Down Fee and put your desired width dimension in the Order Notes at checkout. 

Good for You. Good for the Planet.

Beautifully crafted pull-out cutting board fits standard cabinet sizes and replaces standard pull-out cutting boards. Natural bamboo color with one end natural color and one end amber bamboo. Amber bamboo color boards are completely amber. Designed to fit almost any kitchen décor. Includes convenient finger pull channel on each end.

Your desired size not listed? Fill out form here to get custom board quote! 

    The Pureboo® Advantage

    Pureboo® high performance premium pull-out cutting boards are meticulously crafted using architectural-grade, sustainably harvested Moso bamboo and eco-friendly plant-based, food-grade glue.

    Relative to traditional hardwood cutting boards, Pureboo cutting boards are:

    • Environmentally Sustainable- Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and can regenerate to its full mass in 6 months compared to 30-50 years for most hardwoods.
    • Healthier- Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial. Because bamboo is water resistant and is harder, denser, and less porous than traditional woods, it is less prone to knife scarring which can create pockets for food particles, moisture, and bacteria.
    • Strength and Durability- Because of its hardness and density, bamboo is stronger, more durable, and less susceptible to damage than hardwood cutting boards.
    • Natural Beauty- Bamboo is a stylish, elegant, and naturally beautiful material which can complement almost any kitchen décor.

    Using Pureboo® Pull-Out Cutting Boards
    • Designed to fit standard-sized kitchen cabinets
    • Reversible construction using natural edge grain plywood with one natural end and one carbonized (amber) end with finger pull grooves on both sides
    • Simple to install
    • Easy to maintain. After use, hand wash with warm, soapy water and then rinse and dry immediately with a clean cloth. Apply food-grade mineral oil once a month or as needed to restore the surface of the cutting board.
    • Replace existing wood pull-out cutting boards or use as a space-saving accessory with new kitchen cabinets.

    Click here for Cutting Board Use and Care Instructions 


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